Our third Annual Skate Jam !!

We are in countdown mode for our third Annual Skate Jam !!

The skate boarders will be camping right around our property. Weather looking great for the weekend .

It gets a little crazy at the Ice Shack but it’s our favorite weekend!

third Annual Skate Jam

Life is better in the bubble!

Balthazar’s bad weather bubble is ready!

Wet spring weather is not a problem at Balthazar’s Ice Shack.

We have a new Alvantor Bubble Tent to keep you warm and dry while you enjoy our cooked-to-order fast food.

Alvantor bubble tent

Try Our Chili Dog with Cheese

Sometimes, only a chili dog will do…

Balthazars chili hot dog and cheese

Made with

  • Balthazar’s Ice Shack Homestyle Meat Chili
  • Nathan’s Hot Dog
  • Sysco Bun
  • Your choice of Nacho or shredded cheese

The Tasty Crumb is Here!!

We now offer Tasty Crumb Cannolis with chocolate chips, pistachios, or plain in a delicious, crisp cookie roll with a smooth, sweet cheese filling.  Everything made from scratch.

Chocolate Chip & Pistachio Cannoli with Sweet Cheese Filling